Tilt-shift miniature faking collection

tilt-shift miniature faking wallpaperBoats

tilt-shift miniature faking wallpaperA fisherman boat

tilt-shift miniature faking picturesSoccer stadium

tilt-shift miniature faking photosTransportation boat

tilt-shift miniature faking wallpapersBuildings

Tilt-shift miniature faking wallpapers


  1. Tilt-shift miniature faking -> what is meaning by this..? i don't undestand.. i see all the pic like a model.. but if look carefully.. it lok like real.. comfius..

  2. Salaaam. miniature faking ni namanya pun dah tipu - tipuan hehe. Gambarnya gambar betul, cuma ditambah BLURRING pada titik2 tertentu untuk menjadikannya nampak macam menda kecil / model / replika. Macam kamera zoom menda kecil la kiranya, pada hal ianya menda besar. Gitu lah lebih kurang :)

    Kuala Lumpur, aku datang padamu!!!

  3. oo.. ic.. ic.. now i undestands about it.. before this i taugh model pic is modified to become real pic.. hehehe.. ok.. thnx..

  4. If u watch carefully, the pics are taken in area Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Ibai hehe

  5. camne plak bleh terspiking sblm nieh.. hahaha..


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