Solar eclipse 15 Jan 2010 at kampung Teluk Pasu

These images were shot from kampung Teluk Pasu, Manir, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia using Sony Alpha 200 DSLR camera.

I use a high shutter speed at 1 / 4000 and aperture of 20+ depends on the brightness of the environment conditions. First i thought to use ND filter, but since it is sufficient, so i was only adjust shutter speed and aperture. Hopefully you'll like the photos as I am.

Solar eclipse 2010 pictures

solar eclipse photo

solar eclipse photo

Solar eclipse 2010 pictures

The moon came from under and cover the sun not even a half. Maybe at India that time we can see The Ring-like Total Solar Eclipse .......

Solar eclipse 2010 pictures, Gambar Gerhana matahari , Gerhana matahari 2010


  1. Nice shots there.. The skies look so spooky.. Missed this event coz at work...


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