Saudi Arabia banknotes collection

From USA banknotes collection we move to Saudi Arabia banknotes collection. This is my own personal collection which has yet to be fully completed. If there is an addition to this collection, i will update.

Third series (1977 - 1983)

Saudi Arabia 1 Riyal 1977 banknote
Saudi Arabia 1 Riyal 1977 banknote

Fourth series (1984 - 2007)

duit kertas Arab Saudi
Saudi Arabia 1 riyal banknote

duit kertas Arab Saudi
Saudi Arabia 5 riyals banknote

Fifth series (2007 - ??)

Saudi Arabia 1 Riyal 2012 banknote
 Saudi Arabia 1 Riyal 2012 banknote

Saudi Arabia 5 Riyals 2012 banknote
 Saudi Arabia 5 Riyals 2012 banknote

Saudi Arabia 10 Riyals 2012 banknote
Saudi Arabia 10 Riyals 2012 banknote

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  1. Saya ada berapa duit lama seperti duit usa,thailand,turki,singapore,loas,arab dan lain²...siapa yg berminat memiliki nya buat kolesi peribadi anda..boleh dapatkan melalui


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