Philippines coins collection

From China and Hong Kong coins collection we move to Philippines coins collection. This is my own personal collection which has yet to be fully completed. If there is an addition to this collection, i will update.

Philippines coins collection

Philippine peso coins issued by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, which is now available in seven denominations.

Philippines coin 10 Piso 2001
10 Piso 2001 (bi-metal) - Size 26.5 mm

Duit syiling Filipina 5 Piso 1997
5 Piso 1997 - Size 27 mm

Philippines coins 1 Piso 2012
 1 Piso 2012 - Size 24 mm

Philippines coins 5 Sentimo 2013
5 Sentimo 2013 - Size 15.5 mm

Siri Ang Bagong Lipunan

Philippine coin 25 Sentimos 1981
25 Sentimos 1981 - Size 21 mm

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