Friday, December 9, 2011

USA coins collection

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From Germany coins collection we move to USA coins collection. This is my own personal collection which has yet to be fully completed. If there is an addition to this collection, i will update.

USA coins collection - Koleksi duit syiling Amerika Syarikat
USA coins collection

american coin - Quarter dollar 1984
Quarter dollar 1984 - Size 23 mm

Duit syiling AS pun biasa ada burung helang mitos , begitu juga dengan duit syiling Jerman, seperti yang kita lihat dalam pameran yang lalu. Ada makna tuuuuuuu  ;)

american coin - One dime 1990
One dime 1990 - Size 17 mm

Lincoln cent 1 cent 1988
Lincoln cent 1 cent 1988 - Size 19.05 mm

Old Series (Buffalo nickel)

Buffalo nickel Five cents 1927 coin
Five cents 1927 - Size 20 mm

Much Older Series (Indian Head Penny)

American old coin - One cent 1891
One cent 1891 - Size 18 mm

Continue to Australia coins collection exhibition .......

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