Digital Matte Painting and Composite image collection [Wallpapers]

city and galaxy matte painting wallpaper1600x1050 - City and galaxy

canyons and structures matte painting wallpaper1600x1050 - Canyons and structures and the city, helicopters , cars , waterfall , trees .......

ancient library matte painting wallpaper1600x1050 - Ancient library

hot and cold matte painting wallpaper1600x1050 - Hot and cold

1600x1050 - Towers by the waterfall

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Digital Matte Painting Wallpapers, Composite images


  1. WOW that's very nice arts work my friend.

    And The discription for the wallpaper "Lost City" is also show the feelings of the arts.
    impressive my friend.

    I saw you have Google page rank 4 . when google update page rank any new info ?

  2. Congratulation on your achive GPR 4 well done my friend you deserved it.

  3. Whuuhh...Power!!!!. I like your 'Ancient Library' akhi. Like out of the history books.. Not that i care much for history though...huhuhu.. And your 'City and galaxy' tu... hmmm.. cam pernah nampak jer.. some of the skylines tu... very familiar seh.. Negri mane tu ek?? Cuba teka... But overall simply awesome akhi.. awesome.. Medium rare.. Well done!!! (wide grin)

  4. Alhamdulillah...makin manthoppp!!!!


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