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My shots of flying insects

Hoverfly landing time

Black Wasp approaching white flower

A black Bee is approaching a tree stick -- Lebah hitam terbang menghampiri ranting kayu

Hoverfly is hovering  --  Hoverfly sedang terbang mengapung

A black Bee with yellow colour on the back is approaching Senduduk flower  --  Lebah hitam dengan tompok kuning di atas belakangnya terbang menghampiri bunga Senduduk

A flying Tiger Dragonfly  --  Tiger Dragonfly sedang terbang

Wasp approaching the flower  --  Penyengat mendekati bunga

Light blue fly is flying

 Black Bee flying again

Damselfly flying  --  Pepatung terbang

A black yellow Wasp fly approaching white flower  --  Eh malu-malu pulak temingat ni yer 

Shooting flying insects is really painstaking hard in macro photography. To me, it's definitely the hardest part. Especially when we use manual focus like what i did to catch the photos above.  But the result is really satisfying when we can catch with good focus and with composition like we want.  ;)

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