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My Crabs photo gallery

Face to face with Mr Crab at Merang beach  --  Bersemuka dengan Encik Ketam di pantai Merang

 Ketam hitam putih tangan besar sebelah (di pantai Merang)

crab species animal picture
A crab species  --   Ketam macam katak  (pantai Pandak, Chendering)

A beach crab

A small beach crab

small beach crab pictureA small beach crab  --  Ketam pantai (pantai Jok Jembal)

swamp crab pictureA swamp crab  --  Ketam paya (kawasan Chendering)

small Crab pictureA small silver like river Crab  --  Ketam sungai kecil (dari Sungai Terengganu di kampung Manir)

My Crabs photo gallery -- Galeri foto ketam ambe

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