White Weevil

Green brown Weevil / Snout Beetle

Weird tiny Shield bug

Big butt Shield bug

Thin Shield bug

Shield bug batik

Red Shield bug

Small eyes Fly

Giant mosquito macro

Flies want to race

Black Beetle with yellow dots

Yellow dark brown Treehopper

Tiger Moth macro

Green Spider hanging

Green cream Planthopper

Green Mayfly

Red black Harlequin bug

Yellow cream brown green Planthopper

Planthopper with brown patterns

White brown Moth

Bush Cockroach - white black stripes at the neck

Yellow white Leafhopper

A Fly like a predator

Black bumpy Fly

A Deer Fly in kampong Tualang

Gambar Menara Petronas, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Portraiture of Harif Manaf's kids

Kuala Lumpur City Center @ KLCC - Front view

Tips-tips menggunakan kamera Canon EOS 50D

Tips-tips mengambil gambar landskap dan pemandangan

White black bush Mosquito

Light brown Spider on small fruits

Kanching waterfalls , Selayang Baru, Selangor

We're all belong to each other and came from same father and mother (Adam and Eve), so peace and justice for all. "O God You do not create this to waste , The Exalted One please protect us from hellfire" Subhanallah ....... :)
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