My Night Shots collection

These are my night shots collection so far. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to praise Allah The AlMighty , the Creator of all things. Thank you :)

beach night shot
Batang pokok nipah tumbang melambai-lambai di pantai kampung Ladang - Night shot

circle building night shot
Circle building at Pulau Wan Man - Night shot

Replika batu bersurat terengganu

Wisma Darul Iman night shot
Wisma Darul Iman dan mercu tanda Terengganu night shot

Light house night shot
Light house at Seberang Takir - night shot

light house and star trails night shot
Chendering light house and star trails  --  Rumah api Chendering dan star trails

Neezhom Photomalaya night shots
Masjid Kuala Ibai night shot again

night shot
Sultan Mizan's horse stable area which was abandoned in Kuala Ibai  --  Kawasan kandang kuda sultan Mizan yang telah ditinggalkan di Kuala Ibai

titian usang night shot
Dilapidated bridge by the river of Kampong Seberang Tok Chik  --  Titian usang di tepi sungai kampung Seberang Tok Chik

moon ray night shot
Moon ray and the dark clouds  --  Sinaran bulan dan awan gelap

wave splash night shot
Big tyre in a splashing wave bubbles - Night shot  --  Tayar dalam buih-buih ombak yang menghempas

stranded crane night shot
Stranded crane at sea  --  Kren tersadai di tengah lautan - Night shot

Crevices and twin light houses night shot
Crevices and twin light houses - Night shot  --  Rekahan-rekahan dan rumah api kembar 

Pantai kemasik - night shot

cloud trails night shot
Cloud trails and Stadium Sultan Mizan - Night shot

cloud trails night shot
Cloud trails and dancing grass at stadium sultan mizan - night shot

old bridge night shot
Classic place at Pulau Kerengga beach - Night shot   --  Tempat klasik di pantai Pulau Kerengga

twin lighthouse night shot
Coconuts and twin lighthouses at the beach  --  Buah-buah kelapa dan rumah api kembar di tepi pantai

lightning lake night shot
Lightning at Unisza small lake  --  Kilat petir di tasik Unisza (Kusza)

beach night shot
Chendering beach night shot  --  Night shot pantai Chendering

warung kopi night shot
Warung kopi kosong - night shot

beach night shot
Menongkat awan di pantai Telipot - night shot (Expose selama 30 saat , ISO 1600)

light trails night shot
Light trails at pantai Telipot - night shot  (Expose selama 118 saat , ISO 800)

Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam with reflection - Night shot

masjid kristal night shot
Masjid Kristal and the moon - Night shot  --  Masjid Kristal dan bulan

masjid kristal and moon
Masjid Kristal and the moon - with fountains  --  Masjid Kristal dan bulan , dengan air pancut

masjid unisza and moon night shot
Masjid Unisza and the moon - night shot  --  Masjid Unisza (Kusza) dan bulan

masjid kuala ibai and moon night shot
Masjid Kuala Ibai and the moon - night shot  --  Masjid Terapung Kuala Ibai dan bulan

Night shot di kampung Banggol Tuan Muda

Syafiq and the moon halo

curvy light trails night shot
Curvy light trails in kampong Kebur Besar

Stesyen janaelektrik Paka night shot

boat night shot
Kapal berlabuh di Ri-yaz heritage - night shot

beach night shot
Camera and tripod night shot at Pandak beach

beach night shot
Wonderful night

Absolutely simple night - A shot at Pantai Pandak, Chendering.

3 coconut trees at Pantai Pandak - night shot

star trails night shot
Star trails dan ombak berkabus di pantai Pandak - Night shot

stargazer tree night shot
Stargazer tree  --  Pokok pemerhati bintang

night shots picture
Sleepless night

romantic night shot
Romantic night

misty beach night shot
Misty beach - A night shot at Teluk Ketapang beach, near airport. This place is quite dark during shooting time. But with flash shoot (to illuminate the old wood) and long exposure, now here is the result. Oh yeah, there are no stars visible because the clouds cover the sky, the night being a bit drizzly. I used 909 seconds (about 15+ minutes) long exposure, RAW, ISO 100 + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod for this.

Dry rice field at dusk

Night shot at Kenyir lake

Coconut night shot in kampong Batin


  1. Welcome back bro
    Hope to see more of your new creative works..

  2. Thank you Sublime. Come with me snap photos! :D

  3. Afraid that I can only appreciate another's works. I am not cut to be a photographer as yet. Lack the patience and creativity.


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