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Ancient Pyramids of the world

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Most of famous and great Pyramids are found in just two countries, Egypt and Mexico. So why just these two countries and not others? While there are only a few and small pyramids at other countries. And there are also lots of pyramids and pyramid symbols in this world. There are lots of mysteries about them .......

Kheops Pyramid , Great Pyramid of Giza , Egypt

Pyramid at Lahun

Saqqara stepped pyramid


Pyramid of Hellinikon , Greece

Pyramid of Khufu, Giza , Egypt

Bent Pyramid, Dahshur , Egypt

Pyramid of Khafre and the Sphinx , Giza , Egypt

Pyramid moon , Mexico

Teotihuacan pyramid - Mexico

Chichen-Itza El Castillo , Mexico

Cholula Pyramid, Mexico

Nubia pyramids , Meroe , Sudan

Pyramid of Cestius , Rome , Italy

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  1. Very informative post. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is a largest monument in the world and it listed in Guinness World Records. Pyramid of Cholula was constructed by one of the seven giants known as Xelhua. Cholula is a highly significant centre of the Mexican. YOu can see very attractive taludtablero patterns coloured in shades of red, yellow and black with insect- shaped creations that are typical of Teotihuacan technique. The Temple of Quetzalcoatl was used as a ritualistic area.


Thanx for the comment :)

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