Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beautiful 3d houses collection [Wallpapers]


1024x768 The Purple Vall - Source :

1024x768 The Gingerbread House - Source :


1024x768 Carlo Traversi's touch - Source :

1024x768 Andre Surya's touch - Source :

1024x768 Babylon art - Source :


1024x768 Source :

1024x768 Horror house - Source :

The below pictures are my own creations ;)

1024x768 3D House on a water - Minangkabau style roof, big glass sunflowers , flowers ....

3d house wallpaper , 3d landscapes wallpaper1024x768 3D House on a water - In the middle of the mist, with vases, lamp posts, plants .......

1024x768 3D house by the seaside - Future houses with supercar, motorbike, lighthouse, trees

1024x768 3D house by the seaside - Traditional Malay house with lighthouse, batik, bicycle, ships, small boat, aeroplane.

3d house on a mountain1024x768 3D House on a mountain - West meets East. Cottage style, with dome structures in the background

1024x768 3D House on a mountain - East meets West. Japanese Pagoda style, with castles in the background

3d house wallpapers1024x768 3D house in a garden - A house of justice

3d landscapes wallpapers1024x768 3D house in a garden - Above the pool

3d house wallpaper1024x768 3D House in a forest - The tree house

3d landscape wallpaper1024x768 3D House in a forest - The love house

3D Landscapes, 3D Buildings pictures, 3D houses wallpapers

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  1. Salaam akhi,

    Great collections you have here. The Purple Vall is nice - the green green grass of home..The Gingerbread House looks like out of the fairy tale - wonder if it can be eaten??...Even The Horror House looks nice - not spooky at all..I am not afraid!!! Hahaha..

    But akhi,I still love YOUR OWN collections and creations of 3D Houses..Very unique and simply YOURS. On par with those by Carlo Traversi's, Solvosentio's website.. Can we have more of those please akhi?? A house in the sea??? A beach house??

    Camam2 kan saya ni??

  2. Amazing!!! Hey can we have more of your creations? Simply creative and superbly done. You do have natural talents my friend. Please do not stop here...Hope to see more of these. Voila...


Thanx for the comment :)

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