Friday, November 7, 2008

Animals portrait photo gallery 1

Lizard picture1060 x 754 - Lizard species

snail picture1060 x 754 - A snail species

goat picture1060 x 754 - A goat

lizard picture1060 x 754 - A lizard species

cows picture1060 x 754 - Cows

cat picture1060 x 754 - A cat is relaxing

cat picture1060 x 754 - A cat stare at you

black and white cat picture1060 x 754 - A black and white cat

fat cat picture1060 x 754 - A fat cat

Cats cannot taste sugar because they don't have sweet taste buds.

monkey picture1060 x 754 - A monkey species

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Camera used : Sony Alpha 200 DSLR , with Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 DG Macro Telephoto lense
Location : Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
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  1. i think the 1st cat is a japanese cat.. am i right..? hehehehe..

  2. Really?? I dun know, i just took it at my auntie's house . How do you know it was the Japanese cat? I think u are an expert in Japanese things huh :)

  3. i just guess only.. i think about it when 1st time i saw it eyes.. just looked alike japanese.. hehehehe..

  4. ih ih ih i thought becoz of what! Mata sepet rupanya dikatanya Jepun hhhmmmmm

  5. Orido...

    I tort Japanese cat look like a Sumo wrestler if it is male and a Geisha if it is a female. Hehehehhe...Mata sepet rupa nya eh...

    Oooooo.. I envy those cows.. So relax duk berdua2an.. Cam tkde problems jer kan kan kan...Moooo...

    Paling cute sekali yang first tuuuu.. Mane dapat tu Mr Forumer??

  6. salaam..
    1st japanese..
    2nd bollywood...
    3rd from cartoon.." i tought i saw a pussy cat..." ade "nature call" jer...uhuhuh..

  7. Wohhhh.. Just look at THAT lizard. He is looking around for someone. I think he is looking for SFR arrrr.....Aiyo mah..

    Psstttt.. There she is!!! At Tesco in Kelate ... Checking eyes.. hehe... Agak2 sama lah cam mata si lizard tuuuu... Kenyit cikit...

  8. ewah d u know that lizard ( eiiiiee..uhuhu) looking 4 me?
    beraniilah...i'll show off all my stunt....haiyaaaaak!!


Thanx for the comment :)

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