Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zoom Terengganu photo gallery 2

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Peace and justice for all .......

silhouette and sunset picture1060x754 - Reaching into the night [Tepoh]

silhouette and sunset picture1060x754 - Reach the sky [Tepoh]

classic wood fence picture1060x754 - A classic wood fence [Kebur Air]

water lilies picture1060x754 - Water lilies [Kebur Air]

wasp sucking nectar flower picture1060x754 - A wasp sucking a flower's nectar [Kubang Jela]

bird on a barb wire picture1060x754 - A bird on a barb wire [Teluk Pasu]

grass flowers picture1060x754 - Grass flowers [Pulau Kambing]

cute big tree picture1060x754 - A cute big tree


field and hills picture1060x754 - A field and a hills [Surau Panjang]

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Travel Terengganu photography, Zoom, Nature pictures, Telephoto pictures

Camera used : Sony Alpha 200 DSLR
Software : Photoshop CS3 extended for post-processing
Location : Setiu and Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia

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1 comment:

  1. Masya Allah...

    Lawa2 lorr koleksi awak ni En Forumer. Yang pokok besau tu indah sangat. Gambo yang selepas nye tu pun lawo...

    Teruja... teruja gue...


Thanx for the comment :)

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