Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12 My best 3D Landscapes pictures

Honeymoon haven 3d graphic landscape picture
Honeymoon haven

Two birds, a dolphin and a moon are photos, blended in PS. A secret place but now not secret anymore :D A port for husband and wife to go for a honeymoon.

Strawberry houses for rent - 3D landscape picture
Strawberry houses for rent

I don't know the rental price :D I just know that I love to live in a strawberry house. There are also aurora, meteors, butterflies and some plants in this picture. How if I create more fruit-like houses? Like mango house, orange house, pineapple house, apple house, and so on?

Jungledible in the fantasea 3d graphic landscape picture
Jungledible in the fantasea

Christopher Columbus missed this place :D Double lightnings, birds, a whale tail, a ship etc. I love giant mushroom, that's why many of my digital images consist of giant mushrooms.

Never too late 3d landscape picture
Never too late

The low class future city at the background :D With sunflowers and mushrooms on the foreground and the old abandoned rusty superbike. Does that superbike really look old and rusty?

Weirdo winter 3d graphic landscape picture
Weirdo winter

The winter scene with pagoda style castle, weird plants, cars and igloo style houses.

rose land 3d graphic picture
Rose land

The land is full with green roses but only one red rose :D . With the Taj Mahal style structure in the background far away :)

Valley of the cactuses 3d graphic landscape picture
Valley of the cactuses

Many kinds of cactus here. There are huge tall canyons in the background. But what is that alien ship doing there? :)

small island 3d graphic landscape
Small island of nowhere

Very nice place to swim and take a bath. How do you feel if the world is really full with water like this? :)

house and smoke on a water 3d graphic picture
A house and smoke on a water

a tree house in a forest 3d graphic picture
A tree house in a forest

The tree houses located in a forest of nowhere. There are also many plants in this picture including mushrooms . Would you like to live in this kind of house?

malay kampung beside the beach 3d graphic picture
A Malay kampung beside the beach

The 3d environment of a Malay kampung beside the beach. Added with a plane, ships, a boat, a traditional house, light house and so on.

east meets west structure 3d graphic picture
East meets west

East structure meets west structure. Maybe this scenery can be happen if a building from the west meets a building from the east. A cottage style and Taj Mahal style combination.

Software used : Terragen , Terragen 2 , 3d Studio Max 9 , post processing in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended

© Neezhom Photomalaya

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  1. Nice Collection
    I like the East structure meet west structure but all wallpaper looks cool

  2. superb2 la bro punye 3d..cmner buat tu..turunkan la ilmu...hehe

  3. excellent work!! all fantastic!

  4. Brilliant, awesome, fabulous!


Thanx for the comment :)

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