Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photo manipulation - Practising Silat beside the beach

Practising Silat beside the beach  --  Bersilat di tepi pantai

All photos are shot and composed by me .......

Salaam. Saya ambil adik saya menjadi model utama dalam gambar ini. Kali ini saya manipulasikan konsep 'Silat' bersama dengan konsep moden.  InsyaAllah jika ada peluang, lain kali saya mahu manipulasikan konsep Silat dengan konsep zaman dulu kala.

Silat is a collective word for indigenous martial arts of the Malay Archipelago and Malay Peninsula of Southeast Asia. Originally developed in what are now Indonesia, peninsular Malaysia, southern Thailand and Singapore, it was also traditionally practiced in Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. As a result, it is closely related to other Southeast Asian martial arts including krabi krabong and eskrima. Practitioners are called pesilat. The Chinese fusion of silat is known as kuntao.  [Wikipedia]

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  1. A very creative manipulation. Looking forward to more of the same from you Neezhom. Just keep up your great works. Really talented.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment and rating my dear . All the best to you ;)


Thanx for the comment :)

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