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3D Interior design - Inside the building [Wallpapers]

A long corridor - interior design wallpaper1024x768 Looking for an eagle in a sky?

Combination of classic and modern - interior design wallpaper1024x768 Combination of classic and modern

I really like to create 'Interior design' wallpapers. It is one of my favourite. So far i'm not really satisfied yet with all my designs. Must try harder and smarter i think ....... hhhmmmm

3D Interior Design Wallpapers

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Software used: 3d Studio Max 9 with Vray renderer plugin


nu na nee chan says:
at: March 13, 2008 at 5:39 PM said...

hai again forumer! Salam.

hehe..br jew six months...yup,surely sob sob n miss miss a lot..not only kt him, my family as well..huhu..
Anyway, thx for the pray (^_^); Amiiiin.

nu na nee chan = big sister or sister

the words are combination of two words actually; Korean + Japanese which bring the same meaning...simple & yet, relevance enough to describe me in a whole...hehe

So, you are an expertise in IT? Correct me if I'm wrong. Just curious to know, what is ur occupation exactly..if u don't mind

nu na nee chan says:
at: March 15, 2008 at 3:55 AM said...

Once again, thanks for sharing your thought! Highly appreciate! (^_^)

Anyway, ur quite funny [refer to 'goblog'..hahaha..yeah, we all are bloggers...not goblog hehe].

To answer your question, I'm doing my masters degree in Medical Electronics & Physics at QMUL..wot a tough course..(sigh)huhu..

By the way, seriously, there's nothing wrong with your English!Mine also compang camping you noe !I did lots of grammatical errors here and there but I think it's a way to improve my English..And I'm not so good in speaking, I admit my weakness..sob sob..but from time to time, I'll try to brush-up my speaking skill..huhu (^_^)
P/S: Do you mind if I place your link in my blog?

Syam says:
at: March 16, 2008 at 1:21 AM said...


bile nak ajar patik wt gambar 3D ni..he..he..he..

nu na nee chan says:
at: March 20, 2008 at 3:00 AM said...

Wslm!Hai forumer!No new entry in your dearest blog?Bizi ngan kije yew?
Anyway,tuh sume gmbr time ujan.Next time,if saya pi park, sy amek gmbar.Now lagi cantek sbb spring da start.So scenery da lawa cket,takla dull jew!Huhu
InsyaAllah,1 ari mesti forumer pun smpai jgk ke sini for melancong!Saya pun klu bkn sbb blaja,x smpai jgk!huhu

free wallpaper online says:
at: June 27, 2008 at 6:13 PM said...

this building inside so beautiful .funtestic

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