3D Sculpture rooms [Wallpapers]

3d metal sculpture picture1024x768 3D Metal sculpture room

And here comes 3D glass sculpture room. Nothing weird i think, only the adjacent room is full with lights. And sometimes looks like a ghost room ....... Do you think so?

3d sculpture room picture1024x768
I gathered all my 3d wood sculptures and put in a room, so here it is, a 3D wood sculpture room. And if you notice there is a spider web in there whereas this is a new room and the furnitures are all new too. I'm just kidding there actually :D . So this is a first 3d sculpture room i post here, and next is a 3d glass sculpture room.

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Software used: 3d Studio Max 9 with Vray renderer plugin


  1. wow! so kEwl..
    i wish my homE will bE likE this :)


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