Nur Ain wondering portraiture

Nur Ain wondering

Nur Ain, anak kepada bapa saudara saya iaitu Shahmunir Hj Indong. Dengan emosi yang tertanya-tanya  .......

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  1. salam.. bile nok ajor ambe wt gambor gining..? he..he..he..

  2. Lahai.. Comel2 anak2 ni... Tengok muka mereka yang 'innocent'tu rasanya kalau boleh nak masuk balik dalam perut mak...

    Stylo mylo lah awak nya editing ni En Neezhom..

  3. terrible editing !!

  4. To each his own Anonymous... There is no pleasing everyone. Some like it hot and some like it cold... sumthing to that effect...heheheh.. I like it though.. very much...

  5. No worries, i accept all comments. it's up to you Anonymous to express your opinion

    But if you can explain why and where is the terrible, and show your work for example for me to learn, i will be more appreciate :)


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